Artist Statement

Myles Brown Artist: My love for art started in a pure place; my cousin was a highly talented artist and seeing him take a blank piece of paper and transform it into a scene filled me with wonder. I asked him how he got so good. His advice was to create daily, and what you are will shine through authentically. My art is not limited to just painting but also the exploration of fashion design, prototyping everyday products, and architecture. My purest form of expression is painting because I'm free to explore any concept and surprise myself through the process. I have never painted and liked the beginning of my artwork, but by the end, I fall in love with the finished product. The beginning of a thing is seldom what it will be in the end. I use that thought in every aspect of life. I hope you will too.
Love from Myles A. Brown sent to you from YAWH in the year 1988, September 20th.

The highest level of care was taken when presenting the clarity of each painting.