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Big Boss TV

Big Boss TV

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Size in inches L-56-W-48

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Artist Description: All Knowledge is in The Cloud says Big Boss TV leader of the demonic cloud gang. The second in command Wired has taken over another person's body to continue his life and avoided judgment by The Most High YHWH. Wired is rumored to be so old he was their seconds after Satan fell from heaven. These dimensional beings are running from the KILLEGO collective but today will they meet their match find out on the next installment of KILLEGO. 

Materials: Digital print options: Fabric or Archival print numbered and signed with wax stamp. Hand painted: see description.

Shipping: USA domestic included international fees may apply.

Dimensions: Digital print: You Pick your size. Hand-painted: see description.

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These paintings are inspired by visions YHWH gave Myles about life, spirt, and man.