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Big Boss TV

Big Boss TV

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Artist thoughts: This was my first time creating a villain for KILLEGO. I knew the image had to be classic. This is what came to me tv is the most dangerous piece of technology ever to exist because it paved the way for the internet. The tv is unplugged because even when you think the tv is turned off there are wizards and witches crafting in the spirt plane the subsequent imagery to further corrupt your mind. The tv is never off because you can't turn off humanity the enemy has only one trick deception.

Materials: Digital print options: Fabric or Archival print numbered and signed with wax stamp. Hand painted: see description.

Shipping: USA domestic included international fees may apply.

Dimensions: Digital print: You Pick your size. Hand-painted: see description.

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These paintings are inspired by visions YHWH gave Myles about life, spirt, and man.